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KMA Tech Facility Management Software.

At KMA Tech utilizes software from AkitaBox ( to provide facility management software for Cities & Counties. The software is cloud based and manages blueprints, assets, maintenance, work orders, hazardous material inventory and capital planning. Kenosha and St. Croix Counties are utilizing AkitaBox software.

With KMA Tech you have access to the experience, knowledge and a “real life” viewpoint from working on the front line of Cities and Counties. We help our clients succeed by focusing on best in-class software and exceptional client services.

Our team of professionals have a passion for watching our clients use technology to solve problems.

We handle the implementation process to allow you to hit the ground running upon completing training. We do the heavy lifting and collect the information you need for setting up a preventive maintenance or capital plan.

Top 5 Features:

ASSET MANAGEMENT We provide a complete asset inventory and will collect an accurate inventory of your building assets. Each asset will be photographed and tracked locationally on a floor plan.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Facilities Management Software from AkitaBox allows you to extend equipment longevity, reduce average work order cost and improve building efficiency. We will create preventive maintenance schedules custom to your building to extend the longevity of building equipment and create a proactive facility management team.

FACILITY MANAGEMENT USING SMART PHONES AND QR CODES Reduce unnecessary trips to the maintenance office and access standard operating procedures, manuals and maintenance data. All you have to do is scan the facility management QR codes placed on building assets.

FACILITY BLUEPRINT SOFTWARE AkitaBox allows you and your team to utilize cloud storage of your blueprints. Facility blueprint software saves you time and energy instead of digging through piles of papers, while keeping your blueprints safe.

WORK ORDER SOFTWARE AkitaBox’s work order software accelerates work-order completion times by associating maintenance tasks with the necessary information needed for troubleshooting facility issues. 


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