Intergovernmental Relations

  • Work with other professional organizations to increase awareness of WCMA
  • Develop guidelines for working with Federal and State Officials and their staff regarding issues within a community
  • Be active within State Government and assist with members who wish to testify before a Legislative Committee.
  • Assist members in developing a positive relationship with their elected officials
  • Develop a list of expert members of WCMA who could assist other members
  • Testify at State hearings on matters
  • Work with League of Wisconsin Municipalities regarding legislation
  • Remain politically neutral

David DeAngelis, Chair, - Dawn Wagner, Mike Davis, Jim Archambo, Patrick Vander Sanden, Randy Reeg, Kevin Lahner, Mark Rohloff, Adam Sonntag, James Fenlon, Andrew Vickers, Todd Schmidt, Mike Golat, Ray French, Steve Wilke, Pat Cannon, Mark Grams, Cristy Mertes, Bryan Gadow