Membership Development & Services

  • Work with Senior Advisors to assist Members in Transition (MIT)
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of new and existing members
  • Monitor web site and make recommendations for changes
  • Explore other forms of social media for use by organization
  • Establish mentoring program for WCMA
  • Monitor ICMA programs that would be of assistance to organization
  • Increase the use of PARC system
  • Make recommendations on who may use the PARC system

Stacey Grunwald, Chair, -  Nathan Thiel, Chris Swartz, Karl Nollenberger, Dan Guild, Andy Pederson, Steve Volkert, Kayla Chadwick, Richard Downey, KateLynn Schmitt, Justin Shoenemann, Ian Hass, Melissa Weiss, Rebecca Grill, Tim Rhode, Michelle Tucker, Kyle Ellefson