Professional Planning & Conference Development

  • Work with the Executive Director to plan the annual conferences
  • Develop list of topics
  • Develop a list of speakers/presenters
  • Assist at the conferences as needed
  • Assist Regional Coordinators with educational needs for regions
  • Provide webinars for training.
  • Work with other Professional Organizations to conduct joint training sessions/topics
  • Provide education, resources and/or volunteers to local schools and colleges & universities
  • Develop a communications plan for organization

Jay Shambeau, Chair, Jessi Balcom, Kevin Lahner, Mark Steward, Mathew Heiser, Inga Cushman, Greg Stopka, Steven Wilke, Steve Volkert, Andy Pederson, Jennifer Frederick, Sara Schnoor, Joseph Armeli, Becky Werra, Chris Swartz, Joe Murray, Ken Murray and Ned Witte